Organic & Ethical Whole Beans 1kg Best Coffee UK

Organic & Ethical Whole Beans

  • £13.45

 Best Coffee UK introduce our Organic and Ethical blend of triple certified Honduras beans.

Created from 100% Arabica, Organic, Fair-trade & Rainforest Certified whole beans this medium roast offers a silky-smooth taste profile with hints of cocoa and moderate acidity.

Presented in Kraft Biodegradable coffee bags with recycled card band, this is the ethical choice for coffee lovers everywhere.

Environmentally-friendly and full of flavour Organic and Ethical coffee is roasted in-house for guaranteed freshness.

Hulling Method: Washed, highlighting delicate acidity and sweetness from the beans.

Growing Altitude: 1200 to 1500 metres above sea level. Coffee beans grown at high altitudes are well known for exceptional flavours. 

Try this new and exciting addition to the Best Coffee UK range today.