Your Tea Hut Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

  • £3.50

An amazing version of this timeless classic Earl Grey tea. This a blend of exquisite Ceylon teas scented with Bergamot oil, Gives you a well-rounded flavour with distinct citrus notes.

In the cup you will find it gives a bright light brown liquor, with a distinct citrus fragrance that is very refreshing

For a fully balanced flavour our large leaf black tea consists of China Aster, Assam Mid-Season, Ceylon Dimbula OP1, and Darjeeling Mid-Season.  Our Bergamot oil is sourced in Italy.

As with all teas it has a long shelf life, but it is best kept in a sealed container to prevent any tainting of flavour or smell.

Available in large catering packs, as well as small retail packs, so that any coffee shop can offer a take home for customers.

Also available in Pyramid Tea Bags