How to Customise your Coffee with Custom Coffee Packaging

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With new coffee brands emerging in cafes, supermarkets and coffee shops seemingly ever week, it has never been more important to make your coffee offering stand out from the crowd. But how do you go about this?

Having your own custom coffee packaging can massively help you sell your unique blend, as well as your brand, by making sure it's one that your customers remember, stand out from the crowd and show that they are getting value for money with a different offer than the high street brands. Read on to discover the advantages of using custom coffee bags, as well as some tips on how to make your custom packaging stand out from your competitors.

  •  Coffee packaging promotes your brand.

Printed coffee packaging needs to promote both your company and your brand! Customers tend to buy with their eyes, so customising your coffee with an eye-catching logo or design, will inturn help to sell your product. Bold colours can be used to interpret the taste of your coffee, where the beans have been harvested or the general tone of your brand.

Customising your coffee packs is a great way of showing your customers where your coffee beans have originated from, if your brand is Fairtrade, Ethical or even Organic, the lenghts you'll go to protect your coffee flavour and anything else unique to your company and ethos. 

  • Coffee bags protect your coffee

The most important job your coffee packaging has is to protect your coffee. Whether the coffee be whole bean, flavoured or ground, protection is key. Ensure the packaging you choose protects your coffee from absorbing flavours from other item, guarentees no air gets into the coffee causing the coffee to go stale much quicker than desired. Whilst containing a one way gase valve to ensure any gas given off from the coffee after roasting can escape without building up and causing the bags to explose. 

Remember, the more your coffee is protected, the more the flavours are retained and the better your coffee will taste; all of which will keep your customers coming back and wanting to buy your coffee time and time again!

  • Custom Coffee Bags get your coffee Purchased 

 Ultimately, the objective of customising your coffee packaging is to generate more sales. You may only have one chance to make an eye-catching first impression on a coffee shop or store shelf, and if your bag of coffee has an unappealing or dull label then you may well lose out on potential customers, no matter how good your coffee actually tastes, or how high quality your beans are.

 it's equally as important to think about the type of printed packaging you use; do you want to use the traditional semi-seal style packaging and let the label do the talking, or do you want to make a statement with something unique like a stand up pouch or a flexible box style? Biodegradable packaging is becoming ever more important and definatley worth consideration. One great thing about avid coffee drinkers is that they're loyal; once they find a coffee they like, most tend to stick to it. You therefore need to make yopur packaging stand out enough so that it'll catch their eye, just enough to convince them to try the product; they then may have found their new favourite coffee and become a loyal customer for years to come.

One of the main benefits of using Best Coffee UK to provide your custom private label coffee packaging is that we source a delicious blend of coffee and put your label on the front of it. This saves you time-comsuming and often difficult task of sourcing the coffee yourself, whilst allowing you to still reap the brand benefits of doing so!

We have a bespoke range of coffee packages for you to choose from which will bring your coffee brand to life. If you struggle to find the perfect packaging then simply get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss the best way to showcase your coffee brand.

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